Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Boot on "Bush's War"

Max Boot ("Loose lips win Pulitzers" in the Los Angeles Times) complains about the absence of "our" when some journalists discuss the Iraqi war, " if this were Bush's war, not ours." Maybe so, but Mr. Bush personalizes this war. The Desert Sun, a local newspaper, had a Sunday morning headline which reads "Bush: 'I'm not losing my nerve.'" One wonders: Where is "our" nerve? How much of "our" does Boot read into "Bring 'em on!"? As a matter of fact, just how much has Mr. Boot sacrificed over the past 3 years as a result of "our" military action? Beyond lip service, how much has the American public been asked to sacrifice? This administration has asked for precious little of "our" involvement in this adventure of theirs. Turns out, it really is Mr. Bush's war, one might suppose. A more laughable quote from Mr. Boot's column is "...when the good guys--that would be U.S. officials--say that certain revelations would help the bad guys, I want them to be given the benefit of the doubt." Weren't they given the benefit of the doubt? Isn't Mr. Boot bending over with giving "benefit of the doubt?" Max Boot Iraqi War

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