Monday, January 16, 2006

Interesting Lessons

The Palm Springs International Film Festival is winding down. Today there will be showings of "winners." The big winner for the past 10 days has been myself. I learned two interesting lessons: 1) French films have become mundane and boring. Whatever edginess they might have had in the early post-war decades was not in evidence here in PS this fest. 2) Non-gay couples are just as likely to be dysfunctional as gay couples. Non-gay adultery abounds in films. Are films a reflection of the society at large? And it's not just in America or Europe. Iran, Bangladesh, India, if the movies are an indication, also have troubled marital relationships. Could that, in a somewhat contraindicative way, be the reason the RWNSs protest against gay/lesbian marriage rights? Is it a large, and odoriferous, red herring? "Let's fuss about this so people won't notice that!"? Hmmm. tagname

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